Palawan Philippines


      Palawan is the most exotic tourist destination in the Philippines with its deserted islands, limestone cliffs, coral reef, misty mountains and the abundant lush green forests and wildlife.

       Travelling throughout the Philippines is a wonderful experience.  Located in the South East Asia is the Republic of The Philippines with 7017 island now discovered 500 more islands and with over 100 ethno cultural groups and a mixture of different countries influences such as Chinese, malay, spanish, american.  

     Majority of Filifinos are christian with significant number of muslims and indigenous people. 




The Philippines is a tropical country with dry and wet season and is and english speaking nation with filifino as the main language.

Summer in the philippines is from march to may. Hot to dry.

Rainy season is late june to october.

November to february is the coolest months.




The average temperature in the Philippines is 86degreesF / 30degreesC; average humidity is 77%. Some parts of the country such as Cebu and its neighboring provinces in the Visayas are warm and comfortable in all seasons and can be visited throughout the year.




     The Philippines is divided into 3 geographical island groupings: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  Palawan is located in southern Tagalog region also known  MIMAROPA . Palawan is characterized by natural wonders and cultural diversity.




PHP - Philippine pesos is the currency used in Palawan Philippines.




FILIFINO - Tagalog main language

English is the mostly used in the country due to several dialects of the filifino people. There are 120 - 187 dialects or language in the Philippines.










The climate in Palawan is tropical and maritime according to PAGASA weather bureau.

From November until early june are the dry season. And from late june to october are months mostly with rainfall or the rainy season.

You can visit Palawan Whole year round but the best time would be the summer months.

Puerto Princesa City Palawan Philippines - The Capital city of Palawan.


Puerto Princesa City, a tropical paradise with a bustling urban center perfect for business with leisure trips. Lush rainforests and white sand beaches are simply hours away from the city proper, where a banking and commercial boom has made life easier for workaholics who can never run away from the office.


Puerto Princesa Philippines has 66 barangays, majority of which are rural settlements scattered in underdeveloped land. Inhabitants number about 150,000, most of them engaged in agriculture and fishing. A third of the population resides in the city proper, an urbanized settlement on the shores of Puerto Princesa Bay. With its huge trees and fresh air, the city has managed to retain its frontier ambience despite the onset of modern trends and structures.


Puerto Princesa is the Capital of Palawan where the longest navigable  Underground River a UNESCO World heritage site can be found. IT also has won the title 7 wonders of Nature.  Located in Puerto princesa are the famous Honda bay islands, Nagtabon beach, sabang beach, waterfalls and several beach and tourist destinations.





The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world.   Prior to Spanish colonization in 1521, the Filipinos had a rich culture and were trading with the Chinese and the Japanese.  In 1898, after 350 years and 300 rebellions, the Filipinos, with leaders like Jose Rizal and Emilio Aguinaldo, succeeded in winning their independence.

In 1898, the Philippines became the colony of the United States. Following the Philippine-American War, the United States brought widespread education to the islands. Filipinos fought alongside Americans during World War II, particularly at the famous battle of Bataan and Corregidor. In 1941 to 1945 a guerilla war against the Japanese the Philippines regained its independence in 1946.



As late as 2 million to 10,000 years ago Palawan was believed to be connected by land bridges to borneo, the island to the south was shared by Malaysia and Indonesia and regions far away as india and southchina. Geogologist in fact assert Palawan was a hefty chunk that broke off an entirely different geological plate from the rest of the Philippines. A specific expalanation for the fact that the province topography and resident species of flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the Philippines but can be seen in asian continents.. Proof of early inhabitants who walked away to Palawan over the land bridges who later sailed across the unchartered waters and made their homes in caves after land bridges disappeared fossils was found in -Tabon Cave, Lipuin point, Quezon - the philippines cradle of civilizatio located in Palawan Islands western coast. This archeological treasure may have been the earliest human dwellings in Southeast asia.. :Burial jars - 4000 yrs old and items, flake tools used by man some 50,000 years ago to signs such as porcelain as stoneware from china as early as 12th century. The local tribes were the Pa'la'wan who lived in the mountain. The Tagbanua who made their homes in the Riverbanks and the Batak who foraged and built their dwellings in the forest. 
The early palawenos are the people who planted, traded and gatheres natures bounty. The local tribes were the palaw'an who lived in the mountains; 
It was also believed that the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan on an expedition for an exploration for Spanish crown have dropped by the calamianes island on palawans northernmost tip to the far east on 1506. In spreading Christianity by Spanish colonizers by 1636 . 
In 1898 the American colonizers took over and John elmick changed the name from Spanish paragua to Palawan and moved the capital to Puerto Princesa as it is known today. PUERTO PRINCESA CITY 
Puerto Princesa City -the capital of Palawan, central Palawan southwestern Philippines. 

The name "Puerto Princesa" is attributed  to a princess-like maiden who in the early days Folklore is said to have roamed around the place on certain nights of the year. On the other hand, practical people attribute the name to the geographical advantages of the place as a seaport, naturally protected the whole year round and endowed with a depth that can accommodate any size of shipping, a royal heaven for vessels or a virtual princess of ports as thus indicated by Spanish Colonizers on the country's map. Historically, the place was named after Princess Eulalia of Spain, born in 1864 to Queen Isabel II and her consort, Dr. Francisco de Asis.   According to history When the princess suffered an untimely death, the Queen changed the name to Puerto de la Princesa. Eventually, the name was reduced to Puerto Princesa as it is known today.   Spanish Colonizers founded the settlement on March 4, 1872 in the course of their exploration of the province. As they scanned the Palawan shoreline for a capital site, they came upon a hill with steep declivity. Rowing to shore, they surveyed the hill and discovered an extensive plateau which they decided as ideal for settlement. Soon after, Fr. Antonio Muro levelled a portion of the hill to make way for a chapel. (That section is now occupied by the Catholic Cathedral now called the immaculate conception cathedral, the P.C. Barracks and the Rizal Park. The Old Municipal Building used to be there, as well as an Elementary School). The first mass celebrated in Puerto Princesa took place at a site where a marker now stands.. 

In 1894 Puerto Princesa was recognized by government authorities as one of the most beautiful towns in the country because of orderly distribution of streets, buildings, houses as well as cleanliness. Since its foundation Puerto Princesa City has become the nerve center of activities in Palawan. Aside from being the seat of public administration, it is the heart of trade, commerce, service, administration, it is the heart and trade of commerce service and industry. In 1911, the New American Administration made Puerto Princesa the seat of the Palawan Provincial Government with Major John Brown as Lieutenant Governor.
The town was converted into a city on January 1, 1970 under R.A. 5906 as amended by P.D. 437, through the effort of then Congressman Ramon V. Mitra, Puerto Princesa became City And Feliberto R. Oliveros, Jr. became the first City Mayor. Isabelo M. Mirano as the first Vice Mayor Since its foundation, Puerto Princesa has been the nerve center of activities in Palawan. Aside from being the seat of public administration, it is the heart of trade, commerce, service, and industry in the province.
Under the leadership of Mayor Edward S, Hagedorn the city has gained distinction being a model city in cleanliness, environmental protection and conservation, On this day with the leadership of Mayor Lucilo Bayron Puerto Princesa remains to be the beautiful clean and green city in the Philippines.
Now Puerto Princesa City is one of the best tourism destination in the Philippines. It is also proclaimed 'Latest International Gateway to Southeast Asia and home of the World's well known Underground River. 

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY SUBTERREANEAN RIVER NATIONAL PARK Inscribed by the UNESCO on December 4, 1999 'The worlds longest Navigable Underground River and now one of the '7 wonders of Nature' in the world. 





1. How to get there? How to travel from manila to puerto princesa?

What is the travel time from manila to palawan?



There are several airlines available daily from Manila to Puerto Princesa. These are Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air philippines.

The main airport is Puerto Princesa City International airport.

Manila to Puerto Princesa Flying time is  about 1 hour and 20min by air from manila to puerto princesa.


2. How many hours  is the travel from puerto princesa to elnido? How long to travel from puerto princesa to elnido.

It is usually 5 hours by land transfers like vans.


How long to travel from puerto princesa to sabang?

It is 1.5 - 2 hours from city center of puerto princesa going to sabang underground river.


3. What is the van agency to travel from puerto princesa to elnido.

At world holiday transport and rental services we offer van rentals with driver and gasoline from puerto princesa to elnido and vice versa.

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