Underground River with ugong rock and zipline

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The primary tour destination in Puerto Princesa  is the Worlds navigable Underground river with its spectacular rock stalactites and stalagmites formation that made it to be among the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE and awarded as RAMSAR site. Tour inside the cave would cover the first kilometer of this 8.2 km underground river known to be the longest navigable in the world .  It has also won the title as one of the “ 7 Wonders of Nature”.

THE UNDERGROUND RIVER WITH UGONG ROCK: This is a combination tour 2 tours in 1 day The underground River tour + Ugong Rock Caving and zipline.

For a more physical adventure, the Ugong Rock in Sitio Sabang offers hiking, spelunking and ziplining.

Ugong Rock, a 75-foot limestone formation, is named as such because the columns inside its caves produce a humming reverberating sound when tapped. The sound is produced when the stalactite and stalagmite connected.

To reach the view deck at the top, which is the dropping point of the zipline, one will have to navigate the winding passageways through the Ugong Rock. At one point, you will have to scale the wall of the cave to get up. The zipline experience itself provides enough thrill on its own. Claiming to be the fastest zipline glide in the country gliding lasts approximately 20 seconds.

By booking this tour you are making a difference by helping the community because this  is one of the  Community Based Sustainable Tourism Program of the City Government in Palawan Philippines.   Ugong Rock Caving and Zipline activity  is being managed by residents of Barangay Tagabenit, primarily composed of Batak Tribe and Tagbanua indigenous peoples.   The Tagabinet Ugong Rock  Tourism Service Cooperative are composed of members who are also employees of  Ugong rock.   After the involvement of the community they embraced ecotourism by opening the Ugong rock to adventurous travelers. The activity give them enough to sustain thier everyday needs and the members could now afford to send thier children to school which they once deprived of. The people in the community were given livelihood and the community is now involved in the government environmental programs such as mangroove and tree planting they also help in protecting the environment and reporting any illegal activities in the area.

This is a combination tour in 1 day.
First destination: Underground river caving
2nd destination: Ugong Rock Caving and zipline.
The complete names, age, nationality of each tourist is required.

From USD 75

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The Underground River cave won the title as  one of the 7 wonders of Nature
Visit a UNESCO World heritage site